Interview: John Herron, auteur du livre "The Gut Health Protocol"

En cette rentrée de septembre, je vous avais promis des nouveautés sur ce blog.

Et ça commence aujourd'hui avec l'interview d'un éminant connaisseur américain du SIBO, candidose, colopathie fonctionnelle que j'ai eu la chance de pouvoir réaliser cet été !

Interview de John Herron, auteur du livre "The Gut Health Protocol : A natural Approach to healing SIBO, Intestinal Candida, GERD, Gastritis and other Gut Health issues"

Qui est la personne que j'ai eu le plaisir d'interviewer?

Il s'agit de John Herron, auteur du livre "The Gut Health Protocol : A natural Approach to healing SIBO, Intestinal Candida, GERD, Gastritis and other Gut Health issues".

Livre dont je vous ai justement parlé dans mon précédent post ici : The Gut Health Protocol : protocole naturel pour guérir SIBO, candidose, colopathie.

John Herron a eu la gentillesse de répondre à toutes mes questions, et je vous laisse découvrir toutes ses réponses :

Hello John, here are the questions that me and my subscribers would like to ask you for my website (French website on SIBO, candida, IBS) :

1) Could you please present yourself especially for people who may not know about you.

     John Herron : My name is John Herron, I am the author of The Gut Health Protocol. I was sick with gut issues (SIBO/IBS-M (mixed), also known as Alternating) for many years.

2) How did you come on the field of digestive disorders?

    John Herron : I began my research in to gut healing / health out of necessity, not desire. Like many of you I spent many hours every day looking for answers. I ended up forming friendships with several people who were suffering as much as I was. So the book started off as a document to share information that I discovered, hoping to help these people. That is when I discovered what a broad and deep subject this is. Also a fascinating one. I felt from the research I was reading that there may actually be answers out there, but no one was putting all of this disparate research together.

3) Did you personally experience digestive troubles? If yes, how did you overcome it?

     John Herron : Yes, that is the whole reason why I wrote The Gut Health Protocol, to share with others how they can get well too. I had SIBO, Leaky Gut, Acid Reflux, gastritis, gastroparesis, intestinal inflammation. This led to fibromyalgia, nutritional deficiencies, brain fog, chronic fatigue, arthritis, etc. I was a real mess!

4) When did you hear of SIBO for the first time?

   John Herron :  It was years after I started getting sick. Near the peak of my symptoms.

5) In your book, you present a healing method called "the gut health protocol". This method consists of several steps, each step corresponding to a significant number of natural complements : are all the complements mandatory or do we have to select one or two from your list ?

     John Herron : The first edition of the book left it open for people to decide to take and simply showed the benefits and research of each supplement. Most people wanted suggestions on what to take. The second edition is coming out by the end of July. It lays out a strategy for each phase that should work for most people and requires fewer supplements.  If that isn’t working for you, or if you you can’t take a supplement for some reason, then the other supplements are still discussed. Those can be substituted for those you can’t take, or even added to the suggestions (“Strategy” in the book) if you think you have a tough case of SIBO.

6) Do you think it is possible to recover from SIBO or candida just with an appropriate diet? or do you think it is not possible to recover without natural complements?

    John Herron : I don’t think it is generally possible to beat SIBO or intestinal candida with just diet. These organisms have millions of years to perfect their craft of colonizing our gut. The only way to beat them is to use our brains, and the research done on all of these safe supplements. The second edition of the book literally summarizes over 1,000 research studies on natural supplements, presented in an easy to understand language with links to the original research.

7) Do you have any solution for someone affected by a so massive leaky gut that he can not tolerate any food without inflammatory and allergic reaction?

    John Herron : If it is “just” inflammation there is plenty of information in the book on how to handle this. However, if it is histamine intolerance / MCAD causing the inflammation it is tougher. There is a whole chapter on histamine intolerance, and ways to help it. But honestly I could have done a whole book on the subject. There are people on the Facebook group that have followed these methods to heal their histamine intolerance, and then their leaky gut. But it is a lot easier to heal from just leaky gut.

8) In your opinion, what would be the appropriate diet against SIBO and/or candida and/or leaky gut?

     John Herron : A very low sugar, low carb, paleo style diet. The Gut Health Diet is presented in the book. Or I tell people how to modify a paleo or low carb diet to do the same thing. There are a ton of recipes that can be easily modified to work on a SIBO diet.

9) How long does it take with your protocol to recover from SIBO, candida, leaky gut and all digestive issues?

     John Herron : That depends on a lot of things; severity of overgrowth, severity of leaky gut, compliance with the protocol, compliance with the diet, state of the immune system, even genetic issues.  Many people are feeling obviously better in as little as 8-10 weeks. But this should be done right, not quick. So many people have tried to make things better the wrong way and ended up in even worse shape!

10) Many of my followers wonder if they will be able to eat everything (gluten, lactose,...) when they will recover? What do you think about that?

     John Herron : Again, it depends. I was lactose intolerant long before I got sick. Therefore I’m still lactose intolerance after I got better. However, I was at the point where the casein proteins in dairy caused even more problems than lactose. That has healed, so now if I take lactase pills I can consume dairy. Gluten really isn’t good for anyone (I include a lot of research on this, but read “Wheat Belly” or “Grain Brain” for a more comprehensive analysis). But, I can consume wheat again. I reserve this for when we eat out and I still don’t consume “gratuitous” wheat (e.g. that bread stick that comes with a salad) as it simply isn’t worth it. It no longer causes me pain if I do, but I know it isn’t good for me. At some point we need to grow up and eat the way our adult ancient ancestors did. I love bread as much the next person, but humans have been around for a LONG time and we only started eating wheat about 10,000 years ago (and not very much of it as it was very hard to make).

11) Many French doctors claim that people can only recover taking medication or consulting a psychiatrist : what do you think of this approach?

   John Herron : Those doctors need to see a psychiatrist if they think it is all in our heads. There are at least hundreds of studies showing that SIBO is caused by bacteria, and that intestinal yeast is a real condition. I recommend highlighting these studies in my book and showing your doctor!  In regards to medication, you can’t kill your way out of this problem. Antibiotics have there place, but they kill indiscriminately. This leaves an open void that bad bacteria usually fill. So many people feel better for a few weeks, only to get it again. Or worse yet they come down with intestinal yeast or a c.diff infection, etc.  If you insist on using antibiotics for SIBO you need to follow the Chapter 2 healing and repair protocol. This can greatly help prevent a recurrence of SIBO or an opportunistic infection.

John Herron : You can find out more about The Gut Health Protocol and read about new research and related news at the book’s website,  there is also a very active Facebook group at

Conclusion et remerciements

Je remercie John Herron pour sa gentillesse et d'avoir accepté de répondre à toutes mes questions.

Pour télécharger et lire son livre, c'est ici : The Gut Health Protocol: A Nutritional Approach To Healing SIBO, Intestinal Candida, GERD, Gastritis, and other Gut Health Issues (English Edition)

Comme je sais que certains d'entre vous ne lisent pas et ne comprennent pas forcément l'anglais, mon prochain post sera la traduction complète en français de cet interview avec John Herron.

Mais John Herron étant américain, je me devais par respect pour lui de vous transcrire fidèlement dans un premier temps l'interview original tel qu'il avait été réalisé, en langue anglaise donc.



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